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Most of you know Jeff Cavaliere either personally or professionally, and know that he always gives away killer information that has been heavily researched and proven in-the-tren

ches tested.

If you haven’t worked with Jeff Cavaliere before, first you need to know a little about his coaching experience. Jeff Cavaliere is one of the premier fitness experts and physical therapists in the country. Having spent the last 3 years as the head physical therapist and strength coach for the New York Mets, and as a frequent contributor to Men’s Fitness magazine, Cavaliere is relied upon by his many professional athlete and celebrity clients to get them in the best shape of their lives for either the long grueling season ahead or for the scrutiny of the media spotlight.


  1. Former Head Physical Therapist / Asst. Strength Coach NY Mets
  2. Men’s Fitness Magazine contributing writer
  3. Men’s Fitness Magazine “Top 50 Trainer in the US” 2008
  4. PFP Magazine 2010 Fitness Professional of the Year Finalist
  5. STACK Magazine contributing writer
  6. Jeff has worked daily with the likes of perennial All-Stars Carlos Beltran Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Carlos Delgado, along with future Hall of Famers Tom Glavine, Pedro Martinez and Johan Santana.
  7. Has appeared on ESPN, CBS, ABC, Fox, SNY, ESPN2



What is the Sports Nutrition Blueprint

Along with the physical training side of performance, Jeff Cavaliere was constantly asked to help out and make sports nutrition 'Real World' since the information his athletes were getting from their certified nutritionists were not realistic for a day to day athlete. Since Jeff was getting amazing results with his athletes from his nutritional advice and seeing a lot of misinformation and unrealistic recommendations, he decided to create the ultimate sports nutrition resource for athletes to take home and start using immediately.

So, Jeff created the Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint that is geared for coaches and athletes providing real world information.

Here is what is in the program (entirely physical product):


Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint Manual (124 pages)

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1 - The Hidden Damages of Poor Nutrition
  • Chapter 2 - The Blueprint Basics
  • Chapter 3 - Hydration
  • Chapter 4 - Bulking Up, Trimming Down or Both?
  • Chapter 5 - Saved By the Bell (Eating during school)
  • Chapter 6 - From the Bus Stop to the Final Bell (Calories in a crunch)
  • Chapter 7 - The Game Plan (real world strategies)
  • Chapter 8 - Bus Basics ('bus friendly' pre and post game snacks)
  • Chapter 9 - The Food Fork in the Road
  • Chapter 10 - Sports Supplements for Teens
  • Chapter 11 - Reading Between the Lies (deciphering food labels)
  • Chapter 12 - Calorie Restriction Destruction
  • Chapter 13 - Eating Disorders in the Young Athlete
  • Chapter 14 - Stress and Cortisol
  • Chapter 15 - Keep Dreaming (Importance of Rest and Recovery)
  • Chapter 16 - Winning Meal Plans and Recipes

CD 1 -New Your Giants Team Sports Nutritionist covers the Super 7 Power Nutrition Tips for Teen Athletes

CD 2 - Jeff Interrogates 17 Year MLB Strength Coach Rick Slate on how he gets his athletes to follow sports nutrition guidelines

CD 3 - Dr. Chris Mohr discussed Nutrient Timing - particularly what to eat pre and post practice, pre and post game, and then how to negotiate nutrition through a day long tournament

DVD - Teen Sports Nutrition - Cliff Notes video version of the entire program

14 Day Full Meal Plan

12 Handouts for Coaches to take and immediately give their athletes


There is not another comprehensive sports nutrition program on the market that gives clear, consise and practical information. With a product coming from Jeff Cavaliere, you don't have to worry about the quality of information that is provided. He puts his reputation on the line with each product he creates.


Why Should I Care? (what's in it for you?)

Great question. I’d like to give you 5 compelling reasons how promoting the Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint program will benefit You


REASON 1: The Product Sells Itself - Something You'll Be Proud to Promote!

As stated above, this is a high quality, information packed product. If a coach or trainer wants to improve their skills and knowledge in the sports and fitness training field, this product is for them. An expert strength and conditioning coach will show them the exact system he uses with his clients (kind of a peak behind the scenes of what an elite coach's program looks like).

It's easy to recommend a product that you know will help your own list and members, plus it's something that every serious coach and trainer wants (and needs).


REASON 2- You can make a lot of money

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We are going to kick off the promotion of this product by providing a free Sports Nutrition Webinar…. Your list will love you for it and they will be provided with quality content with out having to sell them anything.

I will provide you with more information on this once you sign up, but what we are offering with the Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint launch is very unique (has real value) and it has universal appeal in the sports industry.

It's a nice BREAK from the constant "buy my stuff" bombardment that everyone is seeing.


REASON 4: Send For Us, We’ll Send For You

We live in an abundant world. If you have a product that is a good fit forJeff Cavaliere's sports nutrition list, something of real value, we would like to reciprocate a promotion to our list for you some time in the next 12 months. (All list sizes apply)

If you commit to our launch sequence, you will receive a reciprocal promotion. We need to know more on your offer, so after you become a JV partner below you will get my email address and other info and you can tell me more about it.


REASON 5: You Only Have To Press “Send" (Hassle Free)

We will be providing EVERYTHING for you including a complete launch schedule, emails to use to send out and more. Once you sign up as a partner, we will send you some cut & paste emails that you can use and we will help you all along the way. If you need something, anything, just let us know and we can provide you with some exclusive content just for your list.


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