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If you’re anything like me, you like to have the actual physical version of a manual. Something you can refer to, write notes on, and grab from your book shelf whenever you want and not have to go to your computer and read or print out a copy. I made a digital version of the Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint available to keep the costs down for you. But I would also like to offer you physical version of the Blueprint incase you are like me and want entire manual and product for your training library.

OK, here is my special offer to you

Instead of the downloadable digital version of Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint, you will receive the physical ‘hard copy’ blueprint program. You will get everything – the 125 page Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint Manual in a hard case binder, 12 pages of Coaches’ Cheat Sheet Handouts, a 14 Day Meal Plan, Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint ‘Cliffs Notes’ Video DVD, and 3 Audio Interviews on 3 CD’s (50 Minute Audio Interview with MLB Strength Coach Rick Slate, 20 Minute Audio Interview with NFLs New York Giants Nutritionist Heidi Skolnik, and 30 Minute ‘Nutrient Timing’ Audio Interview with Chris Mohr) delivered to you in the mail.sports_nutrition_blueprint

The real world value of all this information, along with the cost of production for the entire Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint System is $478.50. I would like to offer you the whole Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint physical ‘hard copy’ package for a Special Price of ONLY $119 $59.50 (plus $12 shipping US & Canada or $25 International)

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